30th August, 2022

The beauty in the detail

Nothing says quality more than a bespoke hand-made green oak frame. And nothing reminds us more of why we go to great lengths to deliver buildings that belong than the attention to detail found in this unique boathouse currently under construction at a secluded Highland loch-side.

This beautiful Ptolemy Dean Architects designed boathouse that we have been working on with the talented team at Carpenter Oak is set to be the perfect finishing touch to a five-year renovation/restoration of a Category A listed Highland castle. Replacing a long derelict boathouse, this challenging build in an area of outstanding natural beauty has called upon all the collective skills of our team and contractors - as well as Kishorn’s small fleet of boats.

Having installed a coffer dam to create a dry dock on the loch shore, which was a major engineering challenge in itself, our highly skilled stonemasons put in new foundations before building a stepoc block wall with random rubble stone exterior and double Staffordshire blue brick internal cladding. With whin stone copes and berth quoins installed, the stunning hand carved green oak frame pictured was installed by Carpenter Oak.

Boathouse detail
Highland boathouse green oak frame detail

It was great to watch the skilled carpenters at work erecting the hand built PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) oak frame complete with motus and tenon jointing. In-keeping with our ethos of creating buildings that look like they belong and stand the test of time, the naturally curved oak frame will endure for centuries, drying with age, creating the occasional atmospheric creak, keeping a gorgeous honey gold hue - and it will never need to be treated.

Far from being form over function, the timber frame - constructed of oak that has been allowed to sit for 12 months after felling before being cut - exceeds modern standards for air- and water-tightness. But the beauty in the detail in this boathouse is there for all to see. With an organic, planted feeling that fits its iconic location on the tree-lined shore, and an attention to detail and care taken to build that is truly inspiring, it really is set to be a building of distinction.

Boathouse pic 2
Coffer dam and temporary dry dock protects boathouse